Tecnohertz believes in the dreams that come true. We create hyper-realistic architectural visuals and animations that tell the story and evoke viewer interest.


case study

Tecnohertz was commissioned to provide a concept of the township to promote tourism in the middle of the hills including eco friendly building, luxury villas, and cottages surrounded by natural environment.

The initial challenge was to craft the landscape according to the given topography and plotting of the project site for the sake of realism.

Vegetation and materials were selected carefully as per ground situation and market availability. Whereas, structures were designed as per environment suitability and market trend.

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case study

Tecnohertz were tasked to visualize the octagon shaped structure having vintage design plus modern touch of exterior and interior arrangement for events and ceremonies.

The first challenge was to create the whole structure into 3d model with exact dimensions and over alldesign. For that purpose measurements was taken on the site.

Another challenge was to create complex props in which the top of the list was the arrangement of curtains in the hall that took many tries before success.

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still renderings

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